When did arcades go out of style and when can they start being a thing again? It’s hard not to miss those massive machines, sticky joysticks, and stuffy rooms but now we can play all of our favorites from the comfort of our bed. There are so much more oldies available for you OG gamers, but these are just some of the classics I dearly miss just as much as you.

Ms. PacMan:

It’s a little less exciting without the joystick, but Ms.PacMan is still alive and doing her thing. The adrenaline rush you got when you’ve barely turned a corner and escaped the colorful ghosts is priceless.


Even though we play this on the daily when we are walking to class or crossing the street, it’s still unbelievable to see that same frog hopping on your little screen. You’ve forgotten how attached you can get to that green, slimy fella but will do anything in your power to make sure he gets across the street safely no matter how many times you have to repeat a level.


I’ve personally never understood the strategy to this game, but it has never stopped me from playing whenever I had time to spare. Still get overly excited if I can click on more than five boxes without the whole thing exploding and still too impatient to figure out how it works.


Another game we use on the daily when trying to shove everything in our closets, car and storage units and we wonder where that skill came from? Always a classic and reliable game to pass time and make you feel proud of all your placements.


You would have to be a hardcore fan to intensely focus on those little insect-like monsters while refraining from throwing your phone when they finally get you. Still as exciting, overwhelming, and rewarding when you make it to the next level.

Bust a Move:

The original Candy Crush where you mindlessly group together same colored bubbles and feel accomplished once your screen is empty. Even though it can be a little hectic at times when the pace speeds up, it’s hard not to be a pro at this game.


The controls aren’t ideal, but the bad ass feeling of giving a good whooping is still there. Staying loyal to your character and fighting techniques will give you flashbacks of playing this on your Nintendo 64 in your underwear.


A little less intimidating behind a screen because the majority of us need to work on our poker faces when almost getting a ship sunk. A fun way to work on your strategies and test your luck on figuring out where those damn ships are!


That three-hour board game you had to play on the kitchen table because you had to spread out everything is now on your little phone. A little harder to convince your family out of buying property without your puppy dog eyes but now you can just restart the game the moment you realize you’ve gone bankrupt in five minutes.
I know nothing will ever be the same as physically using your joysticks or controllers to kick ass on these games, but at least they are still being kept alive, one app at a time!

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