3 Feng Shui Sex Games You Have to Try

It’s time to stop being lazy and switch up your sex routines and environment! You are young, able and fully capable of changing things up, not just talking about the positions! Break away from the same old, lights off in bed routine and get out of your comfort zone and into your sex zone with these games. When you play games you follow rules.. so follow mine!

1. Intensified Build-Up

Buy some oils, face masks, and candles and break out the comfiest blanket you’ve stored away. Throw all your weekly clutter under the bed or in the closet so there is no visible mess because we are about to transform your bedroom. If you can get away with the living room, that should be the first choice. Lay down the blanket, light the candles, and get ready for the most satisfying experience you’ve only dreamed of.

Give yourself at least an hour before you have sex and take time to appreciate, seduce and oil up your partner’s body. I understand you’re on the floor and want to get down and dirty but the more sensual you start off, the more pleasure you will end up having.

Reciprocate by switching the face masks and massage while you solely focus on each touch that is occurring. This sexy version of yoga and meditation forces you to concentrate on that present moment instead of all of the outside noises. Carve out some time and embark on one of the longest and most satisfying nights of your life!

2. Adrenaline Rush

Even if you don’t have to quickly 69 with your high school crush before your parents come home, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel that same sexual rush again. Find a mutual spot where you both have always wanted to have sex in or on and go for it!
Obviously be sly about it, so you’re not ending the night with pants down and handcuffs on but make it unforgettable. Order too many margaritas and dance the night away at your favorite Cantina and end the night having sex in the bathroom stalls. Go out for the usual movie and dinner and have a hot makeout sesh to one of your favorite CD’s then a quickie in your backseat.

3. Into the Wild

Not literally into the wild where you wake up with twigs in your hair.. unless you’re into that type of thing. Just go out into the fresh air and be one with nature and your partner. Find the closest drive-in and cozy up your car/truck with your favorite snacks and enjoy a quiet night out.
Go camping for the evening, star gaze and get on the same page with your partner! Chances are the more emotionally aware you are, the more satisfying the experience will be.

I dare you to try all three games and if you’re brave to do them all within a week! Trust me when I tell you that at least one of these will be your number one game to turn to whether you’re ordering all the oils, finding the wildest sex spots or driving to every last drive in that exists.

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