5 Games You’ve Been Adicted to Playing

I know there have been times where, myself included, you’ve been ashamed by how worked up, invested, and emotionally attached you got to your phone games. Guarantee you have been addicted and borderline obsessed with these games the second they hit the market.. or up until today. No judgment.

Candy Crush:

How can a candy game become more addicting than the candy itself?! Let me tell you, these colorful boards and backgrounds trap you with all the exciting levels and prizes that you convince yourself five hours is a reasonable amount of time to play this game. If you match five candies you get a freaking color bomb and even though it does benefit your life in any way, you just have to get more, you need more.

Temple Run:

You don’t know what that scary monster, gorilla thing is or why it wants to eat you, but you’re scared for your life and insanely enjoy it. The faster you run the more excited you get turning, jumping and sliding, thinking you can do this in real life. You’re addicted to the adrenaline rush of outrunning a wildebeest. You’ve collected so many gold coins that you get to be invisible for a hot second and have super speed. This has been one of my go to’s before bed even though it has left me with nightmares on multiple occasions.

Pokemon Go:

You’re forced to go outside and socialize, and you’re perfectly okay with it. You’ve mastered walking and texting; now you’re walking and Pokemon-ing everywhere you go! You constantly wonder where the next little Pokemon is and how you’re going to capture it before anyone else. You’re starting to eat, think and breathe Pokemon, but don’t worry you’re not the only one.

Words With Friends:

You don’t even necessarily talk to these people in real life but you sure as hell exchange words via mobile game, competitively I might add. When does one use the word, “oxyphenbutazone”? You do, the second you realize there are too many X, Y, and Z’s and end up getting 1,000 points on a “made up” word. It does expand your vocabulary and also gives you an excuse to send hidden messages to the person you are playing. What’s not addicting about that?

Angry Birds:

At first, you’re enjoying yourself because attacking those green pigs with your surplus of birds is easy peasy. Until you realize the birds have different powers, the pigs are hiding in glass houses, and you’re running out of chances.
I can’t tell you how many times I pressed that rewind button for another opportunity to get angrier than the birds have ever been. Not only do I want those green monsters dead, but I also want to formally apologize to all the birds that I’ve accidentally flung backward when I got overly excited.

Also, how cool is it that the backgrounds change to different seasons at the next level? If I wasn’t already obsessed enough, they now have Transformer, Star Wars, and Space options. Those birds were my only friends for awhile because I was in it to win it and they deserved their damn island paradise back.

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